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How to Start Living Your Wonderful Today w/Beth Tancredi

May 25, 2017

Have you found that your business life parallels your dating life? Do you need help feeling inspired? In this podcast Beth Tancredi, author of “Pursuing My Wonderful” discusses the best ways to manage your time effectively and how you can find something to do that inspires you so that you can start Pursuing Your Wonderful today.

You have to grab that inspiration as soon as it comes, because it will go away and it may go to somebody else. When it comes, you grab it. -Beth Tancredi


  1. Looking at the big picture can be daunting, so put goals and targets them into manageable bite-size chunks.
  2. You have to find something that works for you when looking to recharge your batteries and boost your creative juices; that could be exercise, seeing friends, music or personal treats.
  3. If you feel inspired by something it is important to grab it as soon as it comes because otherwise, you will lose it.

In this episode Beth began by talking about her book Pursuing My Wonderful and how it went from being a book about transitioning in business to the realisation that your dating life can be very similar to your business life. She went on to talk about time management and how important it is to mentally segment things and find routines that work for you. Later in the episode, Beth went on to discuss times in her life when her time management had suffered and how it affected her abilities in both her business and personal life. She then went on to talk about her mindfulness and meditative practices as well as her exercise routines and how this ties in with cleansing your soul. We finished off by talking about setting deadlines in your life and Beth offered some advice for entrepreneurs who may feel they are too busy for self care.

Beth also shared insights on;

  • How you bounce back and put things behind you.
  • Her preparation for sitting down to write a book.
  • How she gets inspired.
  • The importance of goal setting.

If you want to start Pursuing Your Wonderful, you need to plan your time effectively. Set realistic deadlines and break goals down into achievable, bite-sized pieces rather than aiming for the final goal, as you will ultimately fail and get down trodden. You need to find the time in your life to do things that recharge your batteries and cleanse your soul and this can be anything. Plan enough time in your week to do it and you will start reaping the rewards straight away.

Guest Bio

Beth Tancredi is a financial services and produce marketing expert, former VP at Merrill Lynch currently serving as General Manager at Rasmussen Reports. Now as a single mother, Beth is exploring the similarities between the business and dating world in her first book, Pursuing My Wonderful. Background includes working with The Weather Channel, Gannett Newspapers, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Meridian Health and Rasmussen Reports to develop interactive and loyalty marketing programs.For information head over to her website;