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From Ragged Edge to Rested Edge: How to Bring Calm, Confident Energy to Your Business w/Eleanor Beaton


Presence is critical to great leadership and performance.  How does keeping your body healthy help you establish your presence as a leader? Why is self-care necessary in changing the paradigm for women in business? How do you keep yourself from cannibalizing your energy reserves? On this episode Eleanor Beaton shares on regimented self-care routines, and the role self-care efforts play in keeping her head in the game.

1100 net new businesses are opened everyday by women. The challenge is, we are having trouble extending that influence into the upper echelons of power. -Eleanor Beaton


  1. Just 2% of businesses owned by women cross the seven-figure mark.
  2. Compromising your energy diminishes your impact.
  3. There has to be a balance between pursuing ambition and staying in alignment.
  4. Presence is your ability to articulate a vision, your distinctness as well as your ability to engage and influence other people.

At the start of the show Eleanor shared on her work and the current paradigm for female entrepreneurs. We also discussed how self-care contributes to keeping her head in the game. “The bigger my business grows the more incumbent it is upon me to put self-care at the heart of things.” She also shared on energy reserves and how to stop cannibalizing them. We also talked about the balance between being on the driving edge and self-care. Towards the end of the show, we talked about the importance of team in growing a business, “it comes down to setting the direction and bringing powerhouse people together.”

Eleanor also shared insights on;

  • Keeping your nutrition and self-care dialed in during events
  • Why presence is critical to great leadership and great performance
  • The three aspects of presence
  • How to magnetize people in a stronger and more powerful way
  • What’s at stake if you don’t focus on self-care

Bold, empowered women will change the world and get seats at the table. Self-care is instrumental in empowerment because it allows us to bring our best selves forward. Establishing trust with the world starts with you, and we diminish that when our energy and well-being is compromised. We limit ourselves when we think small and try to do it all by ourselves. We push ourselves to the ragged edge when we take on too much. The goal is to be on the rested edge, so you can show up calm, confident, and ready to engage. The longer we stay attached to doing everything ourselves, the longer inequity will control the advancement of female entrepreneurs.

Guest Bio

Eleanor teaches professional women and entrepreneurs how to ask for what they deserve —Through her courses, workshops and private coaching programs, she shows women how to add 5-figures to their income and step onto the leadership track by teaching them the leadership skills of 7-figure business women. See more at: Like her on Facebook:

Conscious Visualization: How to Set the Standard for How You Want to Be Treated w/Melanie Layer


You attract who you are in business. How do you make sure you’re the best version of yourself so you connect with the right people? How do you align gratitude, visualization and meditation to get the most out of your day? On this episode Melanie Layer shares how to go from being unseen to seen, and how to align your energy with what you’re doing.

The way I treat myself is exactly the standard for how other people treat me. -Melanie Layer  


  1. Some people need micro-changes and other people need the all in approach. The key is knowing your own personality.
  2. Decide who you want to be and have that person run the show.
  3. You should be treating yourself the way you want to be treated by the romantic partner you want.

At the start of the show, Melanie shared how the standard for how you treat yourself informs how other people treat you. We also talked about how things start to spiral downward when you stop making self-care a priority, and how to decide if you’re a person who needs micro-changes or big leaps. Melanie also gave some details on how her self-care efforts increased her profits, and why you need to stop blaming everything on not having enough time. Towards the end of the show, we shared on connecting success to your identity.

Melanie also shared insights on;

  • Why you attract who you are business
  • Her approach to gratitude, visualization and meditation
  • The power of consciously visualizing on something that serves you
  • Why setting standards helps you stay consistent

Your business is as important as you are. If you spend more time on yourself you’re going to make more money, and you’ll serve your clients at a higher level because you’ll be more connected. If you have had an issue staying consistent and visualizing, remember you can’t solve a problem with the mind that created it. Remember to connect your goals to your identity, and keep that identity congruent with everything that’s happening within you and around you.  

Guest Bio

Melanie Layer’s leading edge concepts and discoveries in self and business development are outstanding. She helps people who are feeling frustrated with their results and are ready to do whatever it takes to get the life they want by becoming their coach. Go to for more information on Melanie’s work.

How to Stay at Peak Performance on the Road w/Laura Virili


Presence is critical to great leadership and peak performance. How do you stay present and committed to your health when you’re traveling and working on your business? How do you take care of your mind, and make sure you’re not putting self-care on the back burner? On this episode, Laura Virili shares how she’s able to stay in tip-top shape physically and mentally while she handles a demanding speaking career.


We’re more apt to make the changes if they are manageable. Laura Virili


  1. People want to do business with human beings and connect with people. There’s a reason the CEO of Verizon has more Twitter followers than Verizon.
  2. The key on the road is making sure your body is always moving, fueling your body and hydrating.
  3. With Baby Boomers taking up upper management roles and Gen Xers taking up roles in middle management, we’re going to see more millennials becoming entrepreneurs.

At the start of the show, Laura gave an overview of the work she does and the importance of controlling the messaging of your personal brand. “Have the components in place to show up in the world with a great brand, online and offline.” Next she shared her tips for staying healthy while traveling and the importance of knowing your body. Towards the end of the show, Laura shared on the compounding power of making micro-changes

She also shared on;

  • The power of a digital first impression
  • How she handled the moments she felt overwhelmed
  • How you can retrain your taste buds to eat better
  • The power of taking care of your mind
  • Why more millennials will become entrepreneurs

Being on the road is unfamiliar territory when you have little control over your next workout or what your next meal will be. To counter this, maximize whenever you can. When you’re not on the road, go to the gym as often as possible, eat right, stay in movement with walking, and do micro-movements that can be integrated in your day. It’s also important to take care of your mind to avoid coming apart at the seams. Remember, every little choice you make will affect your performance.

Guest Bio

Laura is a leading social media influencer, speaker, and private coach who has spoken in front of tens of thousands of people over the course of her career. In demand and ahead of the curve when it comes to leveraging LinkedIn and other “platforms for professionals,” she has developed a keen understanding of the world of a financial advisor by working with the best of the best for over 20 years in the financial services industry. Go to for more information or follow her on Twitter @LauraVirili or LinkedIn.

A Different Approach to Entrepreneurship: The Power of Integrating Health & Business w/Sara Davidson


The “kill yourself to start a company” method isn't the answer for all entrepreneurs. What is the different route that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your health and self-care?  What are the specific tangible results that come from placing self-care at the top of your priorities? On this episode, Sara Davidson shares on morning routines, raising your vibration and maintaining clarity and creativity as you work on your business.


It’s not just about building a successful business, it’s about building an extraordinary life. - Sara Davidson


  1. Recognize your energy levels and get the ability to do less sprints and more marathons when it comes to work patterns.
  2. Don’t do an intense workout without food. You’ll feel good temporarily but crash pretty quickly.
  3. Connect to your body. It eases anxiety and helps you listen to your inner wisdom much more succinctly.
  4. Morning routine activity: get your digestive tract moving with lemon water

At the start of the show, Sara shared on the work she does helping entrepreneurial women grow and market their business, and why it’s important to focus on building an extraordinary life. Next, we discussed the problems with the “kill yourself to start a business” mindset. She also shared the specific results she’s noticed from prioritizing her self-care and how to raise your vibration, clarity and creativity. Towards the end of the show, she shared on the power of listening to your body.

Sara also shared insights on:

  • The importance of recognizing your own energy levels
  • The power of doing less sprints and more marathons at work
  • Crafting your power hour and morning routine
  • Shifting your vibrations instead of vibrating on a lower level

You are the foundation of your business. Not just you, but the best version of you. When you’re at peak performance and physically, mentally and spiritually sound, you raise your vibration. The benefits include thinking more clearly, more creativity, ideas flowing throughout and better decision making when challenges inevitably arise. You can create more time and spaciousness by the sheer energy and clarity levels you maintain. When you start to integrate health practices, your money, mindset and productivity will go up astronomically.

Guest Bio

A marketing maven and business strategist, Sara helps teach purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to build highly impactful and profitable businesses that make their hearts sing and push the human race forward. After spending years marketing and building major brands & tech startups, she now helps ambitious entrepreneurial changemakers fearlessly give their gifts to the world so they can make a huge difference and achieve big, bold dreams. Whether it’s through her radio show, consulting firm or now, Hello Fearless, she is the go-to for all things related to launching, growing and scaling businesses aimed to unlock human potential and change the world. Go to for more information or follow @HelloFearless on Twitter.

The Chemistry of Confidence: How Energy Contributes to Establishing Credibility w/Merrilee Buchanan


When you appear scattered or not in control, it negatively affects the credibility you exude. How do you go from chaotic multi-tasking to laser focus? Why is energy a key metric in self-care? What is true confidence and how can you work on it? On this episode, Merrilee Buchanan talks about helping women find their magic, establishing gender balance at a high level and how self-care helps female executives establish confidence.

What’s better than having the perfect body is the sense that you have control over your body. -Merrilee Buchanan


  1. Real confidence is being comfortable with being imperfect, vulnerable and wrong sometimes.
  2. There are days you won’t get it right - try not to be hard on yourself.
  3. We live in such an integrated world so there’s always the opportunity to put some movement into other activities.

At the start of the show, Merrilee shared on her work, and why fitness and health are so effective for high performing women. She also gave an overview of how she helps her clients set very specific goals around key health metrics, and how this discipline affects every aspect of their lives. We also discussed the importance of confidence and how a lack of it holds people back. Towards the end of the show, we discussed the power of getting movement into your other activities.

Merrilee also shared insights on;

  • How self-care helps female execs establish confidence
  • Signs you’re not a confident as you think you are
  • Why energy should be the metric at the center of everything
  • The importance of starting small and giving yourself credit

Women can do a lot but sometimes that turns into doing too much, and having too much on your plate affects your energy, confidence and effectiveness in your work. To combat this, it’s important to convince yourself that self-care matters. Focus and set very specific goals with regard to exercise, nutrition and sleep. Confidence and energy are the metrics that allow you to work at your highest vibrancy. If you set up the right disciplines in your life, they will transfer to other areas of your life.

Guest Bio

Merrilee's vision and passion for developing women for leadership began when she and four other like-minded women launched Chocolate Villa®, recognizing a need to help women find their voices for leadership and develop their own authentic styles of influence.  Merrilee believes that the challenges of businesses, governments, and communities ahead will require new and different styles of leadership and thinking. Instead of asking only, “What does this person need to become a better leader?” we must ask, “What about this person makes her/him a better leader?” Go to for more information, or find her on LinkedIn.

Start with Enjoyment: How to Build Self-Care into Your Day & Enjoy Your Business w/Sean Carroll


Entrepreneurs have a sense of guilt when they aren’t working on their businesses, but work shouldn’t come at the expense of self-care. How do you build in the things you love doing? How do you make sure you have clients and employees who are truly on your team? On this episode of Fit For Success, Sean Carroll shares on the productivity and financial insights that come from self-care, as well as making a space for taking care of yourself.

Reverse engineer your life to plug in some time for enjoyment first. - Sean Carroll


  1. Don't delegate too soon, a hands-off approach can be deadly if you don't understand the process.
  2. The biggest epiphanies and business discoveries don’t happen unless you’re listening to intuition, well-rested, well-fed and doing what you enjoy.
  3. When the pain of not taking care of yourself isn’t great enough, your habits won’t change.

At the start of the show, Sean shared on the importance of making time for the things you love doing, and staying motivated by the reason you got into business in the first place. Next, we shared on the necessity of having clients and team members who truly understand your motivation, and how to overcome the guilt entrepreneurs feel when they don’t work on their businesses. We also discussed how to deal with not feeling in balance, and Sean shared on two key insights that came out of paying attention to his self-care. Towards the end of the show Sean shared the importance of finding that one self-care activity that will change the game.

Sean also shared on:

  • The importance of delegating once you understand the process
  • Why earning money won’t always solve your problems
  • How self-care affects business performance
  • How to commit to self-care by understanding the pain of not doing it

A lot of entrepreneurs wait until they aren’t feeling in balance to take action on their self-care. It’s easy to tell yourself you don’t have the space to take care of your health, but until you decide to have that space - it will never happen for you. Start with the one thing that would change the game, reverse engineer the things you enjoy into your life and your business will start to see the benefits of your efforts to better yourself. If you’re not enjoying your business you completely miss the point of taking on the venture in the first place.

Guest Bio

Sean is a Sales Coach, Blogger, Social Influencer, Social Media Marketing Strategist, Speaker and founder of Solo Pro Strategies. Go to to get access to Sean’s coaching material.


Mono-Focus: The Power of Fueling Yourself & Moving Intentionally


When you neglect self-care, you’re making time for health problems and reduced creative and professional function. Why should we be motivated to maintain our health? How do you combat squirrel syndrome? How does cultivating mini-goals and habits every single day help you create long-term discipline? On this episode Intuitive Ghostwriter, Kim Eldredge shares on moving intentionally, winning the war with food and integrating health to sustain hobbies and goals.

There’s a lot of things that if you don’t focus on while it’s not a problem, become a problem later. -Kim Eldredge


  1. If you look at people at the peak of their industries, you’ll notice that they eat well and make time for exercise.
  2. You’ll be amazed at how much 15 minutes of exercise, 7 days a week adds up to you feeling better.
  3. Focus isn’t just about not multi-tasking, it’s about giving 100% mono-focus on one thing until it’s completed.

At the start of the show, Kim shared her background and the work she does, helping entrepreneurs get their message out. She also shared on the connection between her self-care habits, and her ability to go backpacking. We also discussed the importance of setting realistic, sustainable goals, and how Kim has worked on establishing mono-focus. She also discussed how you can learn to move intentionally, by just adding 15 minutes of exercise to each day. Towards the end of the show, she shared on how little cultivated habits add up to you feeling better.

Kim also shared insights on:

  • How she integrates exercise and diet into her daily life
  • How self-care impacts her business performance
  • How squirrel syndrome is detrimental to creatives.
  • What we can learn from people who are at the peak of their industries
  • Using food to fuel yourself the right way

If you have a goal or hobby that requires your energy or focus, there’s no way to sustain the activity if you don’t take care of yourself. Integrating movement and fueling yourself with good food is necessary. When you look at the high performers in every industry, a clear pattern emerges - there is intentional attention to self-care and health. Give yourself permission to build whole body fitness with a strong food component. Find a greater reason to stay motivated, and you’ll see your creativity level change.

Guest Bio

Kim is an Intuitive Ghostwriter and Story Pathfinder. She specializes in helping authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs take their books from dream to reality. She facilitates the perfect marriage between her clients’ thoughts and ideas with her writing skills. Go to to learn more about her work, or go to to learn about her upcoming event.

Profit More, Prospect Less: How to Double Your Sales without Doubling Your Effort w/ Marge Piccini


In the sales game, we often lose sight of living our own lives.  Marge tells us her triumphant story of how she transitioned from a hectic life of being a slave to her business to allowing the universe to guide her to success. In just two short years, Marge was able to double her production within her sales gig and reduce her work hours by 25%!  Marge accomplished this feat through a variety of tactics including honoring herself mentally and physically and emotionally.

“If there is anything you want to do in your life, you have the power to make it happen.”  -Marge Piccini

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Sales is not about the hard sell like previously believed
  2. Engage in business with people who give energy and value back to you and your business.
  3. If you want more time, you have to honor yourself first through a healthy lifestyle.

Marge, through her journey, was initially told that she needed triple her production to double her sales.  She didn’t accept that as a viable option.  Instead Marge created her own strategies and methods of improving her life in all areas.  Marge shared with us how important it is to not just create a job for yourself by being in business, but instead to create an opportunity; a way to contribute to the universe.

Marge also shared insights on:

  • Balancing professional business and a personal life
  • How we all have value to add to life; our contribution
  • Differentiating between the dabblers and the driven and why that’s so important
  • How to choose clients: are they in it for the long haul?
  • Exercise can be meditative, especially for those who have a hard time meditating traditionally

If building your business and still having a balanced personal life is your goal, Marge’s interview is a must see.  By breaking her methods down into 5 simple steps, she enlightens us on how to find the type of clients you WANT to work with.  Marge has proven that quality over quantity is most important when it comes to clients and is one of the most important keys to finding wild success both personally and professionally.  The final piece of the success puzzle for Marge was mind and body connection through self care.  Having suffered from Crohn’s disease for 20 years, Marge was able to ebb medications and literally rid herself of the disease through physical and mental health.

Guest Bio

Recognized as the “The Queen of Quantum Leaps," Marge Piccini is a business strategist and extreme growth catalyst based in Hartford, CT. Marge has inspired women all over to find their zones of brilliance so they can make a divine impact, fulfill their life’s purpose and create their legacy. Over the last five years, Marge has helped to launch powerful change leaders who now send out their own ripples of inspiration and wisdom through their books, talks and programs. Connect with Marge and learn more at

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How to Start Prioritizing Yourself & Integrating Self-Care w/Karla Silver


The great irony of entrepreneurship is it’s meant to provide freedom, but it does just the opposite for many people. How can busy people transition into prioritizing themselves and their health? How do you course correct a lopsided life, and get the benefits of entrepreneurship? On this episode, Karla Silver shares her tips and tactics for building a life that’s beautiful by design.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve built, if you don’t have the health and energy to enjoy it, you’re just going through the motions, and it doesn’t really matter anymore. -Kristen Nolan


  1. The whole point of getting a coach or a mentor is having someone to course correct you along the way.
  2. If you schedule something long enough, it will become a habit so you won’t have to remind yourself to do it.
  3. Healthy eating and exercise = more energy and clarity.

At the start of the show Karla shared what made her want to change her life, and what drove her to design it into something she wanted. She also shared how she was able to travel while growing her business, and who she works with. “People who want to generate the skills, so they have the time, flexibility and money that entrepreneurship promises.” She also talked about how she has managed to built self-care into her busy schedule, and the benefits of having more energy.

Karla also shared:

  • Why entrepreneurship becomes a stress for so many people
  • The beauty of learning the skills of using the internet to attract business
  • Transitioning into prioritizing yourself and your health
  • Playing tricks on your brain to help you execute your goals
  • Why powerful positive energy attracts the right things

Entrepreneurship promises freedom, but for most people it ends up feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel and you can’t get off. There is a formula to everything, and it’s all about finding the right person to help you, the right time and overcoming the reluctance to roll up your sleeves, and do the work. When self-care is a priority and you build it into your daily schedule, it makes you more enthusiastic, and helps you serve your clients more optimally.  

Guest Bio

Karla Silver is an entrepreneur, coach and luxury vagabond. She’s passionate about living her best life – empowering and supporting others to do the work they want to do in order to live the life they want to live. A self-made entrepreneur, she’s spent the past 10 years living the “new” American dream… one that doesn’t involve climbing the corporate ladder or holding out for that gold watch and retirement plan – instead, paving your own road, learning new things, living fully, and taking on new challenges each day. Go to for more information.

Life Pruning, Non Judgemental Awareness & Procrastination Overwhelm w/Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking


Some people view self-care as a selfish act. That could not be further from the truth. Why is self-care instrumental in us becoming the best versions of ourselves? What is the structure and support that helps you build the things that matter into your life?On this episode, psychologist and coach Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking shares on pillars of self-care, procrastination overwhelm and the importance of optimizing your environment.  

For better or worse, I get a lot of feedback when I don’t take care of myself. -Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking


  1. 80% of your behavior is predicted by your environment. Set it up for your success by placing productive reminders in your space and limiting distractions.
  2. Downtime is a necessary aspect of self-care, and it’s different from sleep time.
  3. We get procrastination overwhelm when there are so many things to do that we can’t actually focus on what’s important.

At the start of the show, Dr. Sarah gave us a background on her career path and the importance of finding the right time management system for you. Sarah shared that she helps, “smart people who know what to do, but don’t know how to do it.” She also shared her own self-care pillars and the importance of sleep. We also shared how physical activity and healthy eating are lynchpins of self-care. Towards the end of the show, we discussed procrastination overwhelm, and it’s role in keeping you from what’s really important. “Putting things off isn’t always necessarily a bad thing, it’s a time management choice.” We also talked about the importance of keeping tech-related distractions at bay. “Use your gadgets to support your productivity, not steal it.”

Dr. Sarah also shared:

  • Why adding something new to your life doesn’t mean you’re losing time
  • Why it’s important to separate downtime from sleep
  • The emotional drag of procrastination and how it threatens your self-care
  • Life pruning and its connection to procrastination
  • Setting up your environment to help you succeed
  • The importance of non judgmental curiosity and awareness
  • The link between self-care and business performance

Starting something and keeping it going are two different skill sets, we must master. Self-care is all about how you spend your moments and where you put your focus first. Self-care is selfless, and it provides fuel for your ultimate self. Identify the things that need to happen for you to feel your best, and apply a non judgmental awareness so you learn from when things go well and when they go badly.  Success will always leave clues, and when you practice you will get good at your pillars of self-care.

Guest Bio

Sarah is a Personal and Professional Coach. After receiving her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, she spent 8 years doing both research and clinical practice at University of Massachusetts Medical School in the areas of health psychology and behavioral medicine with a focus on health behavior change, stress management, obesity, hypertension, and smoking cessation.

In addition to seeing psychotherapy clients in the Behavioral Medicine Clinic, during this time she helped develop the hospital’s Behavioral Weight Loss Program, directed the Quit Smoking Program, and was an NIH funded researcher. In addition to being a coach, she is a wife and mother who enjoys cycling, hiking, playing on the beach, and spending time with her family and friends. Go to for more information.