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Uncovering Your Core Connection & Developing a Lifestyle-Friendly Platform w/TR Garland

June 1, 2017

To the outside world, many entrepreneurs look successful but are internally in a bad place. How do you make your way back from the burnout, exhaustion and anxiety? What are the things entrepreneurs should be doing to connect to the right relationships? What can speakers do to make sure they are their best selves on stage? On this episode, TR Garland joins us to share his expertise on being a better entrepreneur and practicing self-care consistently.

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A lot of entrepreneurs get caught being ambitious and successful that they neglect their foundation for success, their emotional and physical wellbeing. -TR Garland

Takeaways + Tactics

- You want people to hear the authentic voice that reflects what you feel inside.

- Your logical endgame is leaning on and leveraging other people in your business network to truly balance your personal and professional life.

- The number 1 thing every speaker should have on their mind is making the host look good.


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At the start of the show, TR shared on his work and how he got started, and his personal experience of getting burnt out at 30. Next, he talked about what a lot of entrepreneurs get wrong when it comes to self care, how to achieve performance differently, and the importance of having a mentor. TR also talked about the healthy supplements he takes, and how he gets himself ready for his speaking engagements. Towards the end of the show, he shared why it’s so important for speakers to know their environment.

TR also spoke about;
-What caused his anxiety and panic attacks
-Self-inflicted and environment inflicted anxiety
-How he brings the subject of self-care to his client’s attention
-How he developed a lifestyle friendly platform

To succeed, passion alone is not enough. It’s important to plug into a proven system that helps you do the day to day tasks. Authenticity is important, so look inside your heart, soul and spirituality and truly connect with your core correction. What lessons has life taught you that uniquely qualify you and only you to offer your gift to the marketplace? Once you answer this question, you can make it possible attract the audience that wants to see you be yourself. Remember you need to be visible, vocal and vocal.

Guest Bio

TR is a Wall Street Journal Award Winner, bestselling author and mentor. Go to for more information or to get in touch.