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The Big Mistake People Make With Carbs

May 3, 2017

Sugar has been demonized by different experts and food industries, but did you know that your body actually needs it for energy? What are the right kind of carbs to consume? What does your body do in the absence of carbs and sugar? In this mini-episode, you will learn about consuming food in the right proportions for your body and avoiding cravings.

Your body, especially your brain, needs sugar. -Kristen Nolan


  1. When you don’t feed your body, you get energy from stress hormones which are released to break down muscle, fat and tissue.
  2. If you’ve been avoiding carbs, try adding 1/2 or 1/4 cup of fruit to your meals.
  3. If you cut out carbs, which are very necessary to your energy levels, you will eventually get cravings.

Your body combines glucose with oxygen to create energy. In the absence of good carbs, your body will use its backup method of producing energy, breaking down muscle, tissue and fat, which is very taxing on your system. You need healthy carbs coming into your body in the form of things like fruits and roots. Remember your body needs sugar to live.