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Sacred Self-Care: The Role of Divine Navigation in Business & Personal Alignment w/Ronda Renée

April 5, 2017

98% of what’s taught about entrepreneurship doesn’t make sense for 98% of entrepreneurs. How do you make sure your clients are buying into the most authentic experience of you? Why is it important for us to align with possibilities? What is the relationship between tasks, targets and goals? On this episode, Ronda Renée talks about divine navigation, giving more of yourself, and the importance of energy in business leadership.

A true possibility is going to feel so expansive that there’s no edge to it, and it’s something you’re doing for the energetic experience not specifically for a result. -Ronda Renée  


  1. When you get overwhelmed in your business, don’t turn to the business to fix it, look inward.
  2. By completing the task, you hit the targets, and by hitting the targets you hit the objectives.
  3. We need to receive more of ourselves in order to give more of ourselves.

At the start of the show, Ronda shared on divine navigation and how she uses that to help people get more out of their business and lives. Next she shared on how using your divine coordinates changes your life, and how she identifies that she’s overwhelmed in her business. We also discussed why you need to fill yourself up before you try to give to the rest of the world. Towards the end of the show, we talked about setting goals and targets.

Ronda also shared on;

  • How to identify a true possibility
  • Setting intentions for your goals
  • Why intention is always about experience
  • How to have a purpose and be purposeful

Your divine coordinates are your unique energetic soul signature. Using them changes your world, and their energy allows you to become a beacon in your business and life. Having a beautiful container that creates the ability to know what is aligned with you, makes the effort you put into your work easier. You are the product at the center of everything, and if you aren’t in alignment you won’t be the best version of yourself. With divine navigation, the truth of you comes forward and you will flourish.

Guest Bio

Ronda Renée has been called a modern day mystic with “x-­ray vision for your soul.” An international speaker, facilitator, two time best-­selling author, Life Fulfillment and Spiritual Business Mentor, Ronda has the unique ability for making the mystical practical. Having learned that all the “things” we think will make us happy never quite seem to, Ronda went on an intense inner exploration that led her to discovering her life’s work of teaching people how to live and work from their soul. Go to for more information.