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Increase Your Endurance and Energy for Your Next Live Event

July 13, 2017

Hosting an event is like an Olympic Sport. This means there are specific steps you must take to prep your body and your mind if you want your event to be a huge financial success. So when should you start preparing your body for your event? On this episode, Bari Baumgardner, CEO of Sage Event Management is here to share her top tips for building mental and physical endurance for events.

When a host is not in their best physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shape, you can really see it start to take its toll.  -Bari Baumgardner


  • Being healthy yourself contributes to the financial success of your event
  • The most successful event hosts start their health routine at least 6 months out.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before your event, as you want your mind to be absolutely clear.
  • Mental fatigue is connected to physical fatigue and an unhealthy body.

At the start of the show, we talked about how lifestyle plays into the success of event hosts, and how she works with her clients. “We’re always thinking with the host, how healthy can they be leading into the event?” Next, we talked about making sure you’re prepping your body in advance and making sure your energy isn’t superficial. Bari also shared on working with speakers like Lisa Sasevich and how they give the best at their events.

Bari also talked about:

  • How to be present with your audience
  • How to make sure you’re eating the right foods
  • The importance of finding strategies to relax and focus
  • Connecting mentally with the message you’re trying to deliver

Having a financially successful event has a lot to do with living a healthy lifestyle. The key is prepping your body in advance because hosting an event is strenuous. You need meditation to help with your mental state, nutrition to help with your energy, movement to help with posture, confidence, and mindset. It’s not only about how you look, but also the energy you bring to your audience. You have to be present to connect with your audience and this is impossible if you feel mentally and physically exhausted before the event even starts.

Guest Bio

Bari is the CEO and founder of Sage Event Management. Go to for more information or check out their Facebook page