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How To Make It as a Pro Speaker

August 10, 2017

What are the keys to becoming a more bookable speaker? You obviously have to 'Wow' your audience. But did you know that your audience is more impressed by how you show up and present yourself than by what you say? In this episode, Chip Eichelberger, named one of’s top 5 speakers, shares his incredible insights.

People can forgive anything except the passion for what you’re talking about. -Chip Eichelberger


  • How to make a great first impression in front of an audience
  • One simple, but effective way to document your success as a speaker

At the start of the show, Chip shared on the importance of having a long-term vision, and his Switched On schedule. He also discussed why making a decision is such a powerful step, and how to stand out in the competitive field of speaking. Chip also shared on the importance of having a routine to get you ready for a good performance. Towards the end of the show, we discussed the importance of reading.

Chip also shared on:

  • The importance of tracking what you do
  • Getting things right with your video marketing
  • How humor makes you more bookable

There’s a chasm between being a good speaker and a great speaker. The warm up you do to get yourself performance ready is imperative to work at a high level and become great. Speaking is a very competitive business, so it’s all about positioning and energy.Your health determines the amount of energy you have access to, so establishing non-negotiable daily health habits is imperative if you want to be booked regularly for live events. 

Guest Bio

Chip Eichelberger worked as international point man for the globally renowned business leader Tony Robbins for five years before going into business for himself in 1993. Since then he has galvanized nearly a thousand events for some of the world's most prestigious companies, including Ford, Hyatt, Wells Fargo, Proctor & Gamble, Exxon, NADA and PMI. For three years in a row Chip has been ranked a top five speaker by and holds the much sought-after Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association (only 7% of members have achieved this). Go to for more information.