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How to Create Consistency with Your Energy w/Sean Douglas Stewart

June 15, 2017

The coaching, entrepreneurship and consulting industry is really complicated when you don’t have the right systems. Why is high ticket sales the key to succeeding? What are the self-care metrics you should be tracking, and how do you bring energy to everything you’re doing? On this episode, Sean Douglas Stewart shares his tips for success and self-care.

The simplest path to success and profitability comes down to utilizing high ticket sales. -Sean Douglas Stewart


  • Taking time for ourselves feels like we’re being selfish, lazy or wasting time. We need to get over that.
  •  Boundaries are the biggest timesavers.
  •  It’s really important to get clear about your focus for each week. 

At the start of the show, Sean shared on increasing fees and making bigger sales. We also talked about how higher ticket selling helps you attract the right clients. Sean also spoke about how he manages to keep his body healthy and energized. He also described his methods for staying true to himself, and bouncing back after a burnout. Towards the end of the show, Sean gave us a quick freestyle.

 We also spoke about:

  • Committing to your self-care time
  • How Sean plans his week and limits distractions
  • Why energy is at the center of success

High ticket selling isn’t just the key to earning more, it’s also the key to finding ideal, perfect fit clients. Energy is the center of success, and if you’re consistent with creating the right kind of energy, you can get better. Be aware that you could be putting things in spaces unconsciously that are actually unproductive. Stop undercutting yourself so that you’re actually getting the most out of your self care. Be consistent with sleep, drinking water and eating healthy.  

Guest Bio

Sean Stewart is a business coach, the Author of the book Focus, and the founder of The Creative Track, a business training and mentoring company that helps coaches, holistic practitioners and heart centered service providers to attract more ideal clients, build a leveraged business model and grow to the six figure level and beyond. Sean has been a featured expert on NBC news, Fox News and in The New Times and with15 years experience as a public speaker he inspires entrepreneurs around the country to achieve their highest business and life ambitions. You can learn more by visiting