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How to Become a Powerful and Magnetic Speaker!

July 27, 2017

How can you become a more influential and magnetic speaker? It is important to be specific about about your core mission and what are you passionate about. What activity makes time seem to fly for you? Once you know yourself, you can form genuine and powerful connections with others, especially with people who you may not expect! On this episode, author and speaker Kare Anderson is here to share her expertise on building meaningful connections with others and the importance of having a core mission to become a powerful speaker.

Once you get specific about your core mission, you’re more likely to pull in people, resources, and opportunities where you can participate. –Kare Anderson

Takeaways + Tactics

- Why your effectiveness as a speaker has everything to do with how believable and genuine you are in your message
- One key question to help you determine your specific core mission
- One unexpected tip that makes you naturally more interesting and credible

First, Kare explained what she does to help her clients become magnetic speakers. Kare also explained how she found her passion for inspiring people and integrating key skills. Afterwards, we talked about how Kare has been so consistent in spreading her message and she also shared some good advice for people, who want to follow in her footsteps. Then Kare mentioned how she guides her clients into defining and following their mission. Afterwards, Kare talked about her work on human rights causes and what inspired her to go down that route. Finally we talked about the role of physicality and the importance of making the correct impression as an entrepreneur.

We also discussed:
- Taking the focus away from yourself and seeing the bigger picture
- Piggybacking on popular stories - with a personal twist
- The rule of three
- The importance of specificity
- Mutual accountability in small groups within companies
- The benefits of a well-run intranet in a company
- Presenting yourself as comfortable and reliable

Success is reliant on confidence and passion for what you do. Nurture that passion by thinking about what makes you feel turbulent emotions - what makes you upset, or angry, what do you want to change? When you answer these questions for yourself, you will be able to bring the answers into forming the mission of your business endeavor. Be specific and certain in what you want to achieve and consider the subgroups that exist in the bigger group of your company. Think about how they work, both together and separately, and turn the focus on other individuals to see what their ideas for a better business life are. Finally, what you do may matter most; however the physical way you present yourself can also create a very big impression. Practice being comfortable and convenient and instilling confidence - that way you can easily build rapport with both partners and clients.

Guest Bio

Kare Anderson is an award-winning journalist, writer and motivational speaker, as well as a columnist for The Huffington Post and Forbes. She's a founding board member of Annie’s Homegrown and co-founder of 9 women's PACs. She also serves on advisory boards including Gloopt, TEDx Marin and Watermark. Find out more about Kare and her mission on