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How Stacey Canfield Recovered From Burnout & Prioritized Self-Care

April 10, 2017

A lot of entrepreneurs burn out because they think they need to push themselves and put off self-care. How does neglecting self-care affect your ability to show up as a leader and service provider for your clients? Why is self-care so connected to the effectiveness of your personal brand? Why is movement and feeding your body so important? On this episode, Stacey Canfield shared on her work and how she transformed her life by taking better care of herself.

It comes down to loving yourself more than you love your business or project. -Stacey Canfield


  1. Health doesn’t just affect your physical appearance. It also impacts things you can’t see like your energy levels, clear headedness and drive.
  2. Self-care tips: get a standing desk, swap coffee for bone broth, cook more and don’t work after 6pm.
  3. By giving up coffee, you don’t lose stamina or experience that 2pm crash.

At the start of the show, Stacey shared why being a model in the past made her a better photographer, and how she works with entrepreneurs to get them out of their heads and into their hearts. She also shared on how neglecting self-care affected her ability to show up as a leader, and how she transformed her priorities. Next, she shared on being able to fine-tune your focus and attention, and at the end of the show, she gave advice to entrepreneurs who still say they have no time for self-care.

Stacey also shared insights on

  • How she stays healthy and energized
  • How she up-levels people’s brands
  • The internal things affected by your self-care
  • Why cooking is her self-care

Taking better care of yourself will provide a huge shift in the way your brain functions. It will fine-tune your attention, make you more diligent in planning your days and activities, and you will start to focus on health beyond how you look. Self-care is a big buzz right now, but the biggest self-care you can do is feeding your body with the right food and moving your body on a consistent basis. There’s a meditation and a prayer that can be attached to making sure you feed your vessel properly.

Guest Bio

Stacey is an image artist, brand creator and master craftsman photographer. With over 30 years of photography experience, as well as being a former model, she brings both an eye for detail and a heart-centered focus to transforming the image, confidence and clientele of her clientele. Go to for more information and to download a free guide, The 5 Must Have Marketing Photos Every Entrepreneur Needs to Be the Face of Their Brand.