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High Ticket Selling, High Performance & Connecting With Your Value w/Jennifer Diepstraten

March 29, 2017

Investing in yourself at a higher level, helps others invest in you too. How do you raise your value and get higher level clients? What are the results of self-care in business? How does neglecting self-care block potential sales? On this episode, Jennifer Diepstraten shares on high ticket selling, investing and the power of being in alignment with your health and self-care.

It takes the same amount of energy, effort and focus to sell a $500 item as a $5000 item. The difference is your ability to communicate with clarity. -Jennifer Diepstraten

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. It’s impossible to come from the highest place of serving, if you haven’t been taking of yourself.  
  2. If you’re teaching personal development, business or have a lifestyle brand - you can’t cut self-care out.
  3. Don’t push through exhaustion and illness, your body is trying to tell you something VERY important.
  4. If you want to keep your body healthy, schedule exercise, when you eat, sleep and have snack time. 

At the start of the show, Jennifer shared on her service and why high ticket selling is so important. She also shared how a schedule helps her keep her body healthy, and the benefit of having a coach or a buddy to keep you accountable. We also shared the power of working from the highest place of serving, and how not resting affects how well your perform your business tasks. Towards the end of the show, Jennifer shared why selling is directly connected to changing the world.

 Jennifer also shared insights on;

  • How self-care grew her business by a factor of 9
  • The importance of congruence and authenticity in setting yourself apart
  • The power of paying attention to the small signs your body gives you
  • How entrepreneurs block their own sales
  • Her Millionaire Sales Mindset event and what she’ll teach


If you want to get the most out of your business, treat your body like your most important client. In a world with so much competition, a client is an internet search away from finding someone who offers the same services as you. What makes you stand out is your congruence, alignment, authenticity and communication. If you’re teaching people to optimize their lives - you cannot cut self-care out. It’s impossible to sell something you’re personally implementing. If you want to have high performance, you have to exude it from the inside out.


Guest Bio

Jennifer has been on a twenty-year journey to understand how relationships and communication influences what people do. Her journey includes graduating with Honors in Biopsychology from Vassar College and a Masters’ of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and 12 years in high-dollar corporate sales, where she was often asked to train colleagues on how to have conversations that could rekindle stalled negotiations.  She was frequently called on to resolve break-downs in communication with customers, and to give trainings to colleagues on creating honest and productive relationships with customers for one of the top optical equipment manufacturers in the world. Her passion is coaching and mentoring people whose relationships didn’t turn out quite the way they thought they would to create amazing relationships anyway, which she has been doing formally for 3 years. Go to for more information. Go to to book a seat for her upcoming event!

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