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Get Rid of Cravings & Energy Crashes

June 29, 2017

If you feel like you’re not losing weight quickly enough, your first reaction is probably to cut calories. And that tactic might first. What’s the real key to losing weight without going through cravings and energy crashes? Why shouldn’t you be a Skips Meals Sally or Sam? Listen to this special mini-episode to find out!

Under-eating has become an epidemic. You MAY lose weight at first, but over time, your body will start to hold onto’s terrified you’re going to starve it to death. - Kristen Nolan


Takeaways + Tactics

In this short episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the less you eat, the MORE you crave
  • The one key hormone that causes cravings and 3pm crashes
  • How to use the secret of food combinations to kick off your metabolism

High performance clients can lose as much as 10-15 hours of productive time through poor beliefs and habits around food. Eating balanced food throughout the day helps you feel more energy that you thought you could have. Kicking off your metabolism is the secret weapon to weight loss, zero cravings, a lean body and increased energy.

The weight loss industry is a 206 BILLION dollar/yr industry pushing diet plans and supplements in order to feel our best. When in fact, if we simply feed our bodies the food it actually needs,  we lose weight and we feel good. No fancy diet needed. Listen to this special mini-episode for powerful, simple strategies to kick your metabolism into high gear and feel your best - the natural way!