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Enhance Brain Focus to Perform at a High Level

June 15, 2017

Most working Americans are trapped at their desk and don’t exercise regularly, which leads to obesity and a lack of brain focus. How does the brain work, and what are the systems you need to make sure you enhance your brain focus? On this episode, you will learn how to enhance your confidence, focus and performance in your business.

Essentially, when you don’t exercise you’re not giving your brain the fuel it needs to be creative, grow and focus at a high level. -Kristen Nolan


  • Your brain needs two things to function at a high level.
  • There are 3 basic systems to strengthen so you can be creative, think on your feet and perform at a high level in your career.
  • When you sit all day at a desk you'll find yourself feeling burned out, exhausted and foggy.

If you find yourself getting lost in a fog or feeling burned out, chances are your brain is taxed because you are not giving it the fuel that it needs to function at a high level. Listen to today's episode to learn exactly which 3 systems need to be strong in order for you to feel focused, think clearly on your feet, eliminate body pain and feel your best.